Did you know...?

... Black swans are monogamous and usually have the same partner for life.


This species is very territorial and mostly swans breed, though as a couple, alone. Therefore, if you visit Loro Parque, you may find a pair of black swans that is usually in our Thai Lake with their young.

The black swans, which are native to Australia, are exclusively herbivorous birds. They feed mainly on aquatic plants. In fact, thanks to their long neck, they can immerse themselves to pluck the alga that grows in the depths of the lakes. The bright coral red beak contrasts with its black plumage, which, in addition to the elegance of moving, undoubtedly inspired many fashion designers.

Koi carps live together with this beautiful swan family, in the lake of our Thai village. Once you arrive, your attention will be aroused by this created environment of true nature. Every corner of Loro Parque is full of life!