Did you know that...?

... the roar of a lion can be heard up to 3 miles (4,8 km) away?



THE LION, the King of the Animals, is threatened with extinction! Loro Parque collaborates by financing a project that helps to its survival. For this reason, we have inaugurated Lion’s Kingdom, a modern and very large enclosure where its natural habitat has been recreated, with arid scrubland, a small river and lake where they can cool off, and even a promontory rock, where these beautiful animals can rest in the sun. In this wonderful place, three amazing African lions –one male and two females- have found a new home, under the sun of Tenerife and the shade of Teide. Our lions belongs to a subspecies of Angola that is currently seriously threatened by illegal hunting and the strong population growth of man, which has caused a drastic reduction of its habitat. In fact, in Africa, the lion population has decreased from 100.000 five years ago, to less than 25.000 today! In their new home they live happily, far from danger and threats. And in this home, as ambassadors of their species, they will form a new family.