Exclusive Day Tour is a unique experience to discover the best zoo in the world, just for you.
Loro Parque opens its doors from Thursday to Monday to fascinate you with a unique experience in which you will get to know all the corners and secrets of the park, through a guided tour carried out by an expert, for a limited group of animal lovers. You will also enjoy the amazing culinary experience at Brunelli's, the best steakhouse on this side of the Atlantic.



* Product available from Thursday to Monday each week.

* Hours from 10:00 to 17:15. Lunch time from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

* Loro Parque, S.A. reserves the right to change the date or cancel the tour.

* Price of 100€ for all audiences. Children under 2 years free.

* Parking is not included in the price. Available upon reservation with a price of 4€.

* The tour is available in Spanish, English or German, depending on the demand of the clients on the tour.

* Smoking is prohibited within our park.

* It is essential to present your locator at the park entrance.

* The user must not cut, manipulate, reproduce, duplicate or damage or photocopy the ticket. If any of these circumstances occur, you may be prevented from entering the venue.

* The user is responsible for not losing or misplacing the entrance ticket.

* The sale of this entrance ticket to third parties is prohibited.

* Loro Parque reserves the right to close the park, without prior notice, for adverse weather, capacity, security and public health reasons. For more information and details, please go to the park entrance, or call +34 922.373.841.

* LORO PARQUE, is closed to the general public.