Did you know?

Coral reefs are the world's most endangered marine ecosystem. The coral reef of Loro Parque was one of the first coral reefs exposed at larger scale for the first time in a public aquarium.


Dare to discover the more than 100 beautiful aquatic species hosted in 12 exhibitions at Loro Parque´s magnificient Aquarium. Catfish, freshwater stingrays, colorful and curious pacus are some of the amazing creatures that enliven the mysterious tropical waters of the Amazon. They are designed to immerse you in tropical climates and rivers, ecosystems and endangered species of the seas to the final stage of a marine turtle rescue carried out in cooperation with the Centros de Rescate de Fauna Amenazada (Rescue Centre for Endangered Fauna) in Tenerife and Gran Canaria (a branch of the Canarian government). A real spectacle to plunge into the underwater world of our planet.

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