Did you know...?

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, reaching up to 120cm in length, 56cm in height and 50kg in weight.


The capybaras arrived at Loro Parque in the year 2012. Today, they have form a nice family of five members (two adult animals and three offspring’, born in our facilities), which live with the anteaters and the coatis in the same enclosure created to represent the typical ecosystem of the plains of South America.

In the lower part of this enclosure you can find the lake, which is the favorite place of our capybaras. Have you ever noticed that these animals have webbed feet? Or that their eyes, ears or nostrils are near the top of their heads? This is because they are semi aquatic animals and as such spend a long time in the water; where you can often see them resting, swimming or even diving!

In addition to water, there is another thing that captivates the capybara pups: our animal keepers. With them, they have developed a special feeling as you can appreciate in the following video.