Did you know ?

Among Dolphins, the size of the group tends to be bigger in deeper waters.


Of all the marine creatures, the dolphin is –perhaps- the animal that causes more sentiments and attraction in children and adults. And Loro Parque is not an exception: in our wide and innovative installations, visitors of all ages are amazed by the kindness, tenderness and intelligence that these cetaceans show in the presentations to the public.

The Loro Parque dolphinarium, open since 1987, is considered one of the most modern in the world, and proof of the welfare of the animals are the baby dolphins that were born in our installations.

Currently, in Loro Parque there are nine dolphins, three of which have already reached 36 years old. All of them form a big family of bottlenose dolphins that, in our Park, live healthy and happy as ambassadors of the marine ecosystem.