Did you know...?

... An anteater can feed on more than 30,000 ants a day.


Undoubtedly, the most striking and characteristic feature of anteaters is their long snout, which can reach up to 45cm in length. Thanks to its stylized skull and its tongue (which can extend up to 60cm), it can feed very easily on the insects that live in the termite mounds or in tree trunks.

In Loro Parque, these interesting animals can develop their natural behavior, thanks to the long food tubes that our team has installed in their enclosure, a specially designed environment with different levels and heights so that all visitors can discover these striking animals.

The three anteaters of Loro Parque live together with a capybara family and the coatis. The latter, with its attractive anatomy of elongated head, narrow snout and very pointed nose, are especially enjoyed by the visitors, when they climb the trees with their strong and curved nails.