In Loro Parque there is also a place to relax during your visit. Our park has seven, strategically located, restaurants and bars to meet your needs. They offer culinary diversity in colorful and peaceful settings.



The best steak on this side of the Atlantic. An exclusive atmosphere to enjoy the best wines and the juiciest grilled cuts prepared in a oven unique on the Canary Islands. A place to enjoy the best sunsets from its large terrace open to the sea. Brunelli's. In front of Loro Parque.



Café Bar Thai

Located just in the exit of the park. The ideal time to review the visit and taste the best coffee and pastries while watching the pictures with our parrots with your friends or family.


Cafetería Vista Teide

A place to make a pause in your visit and have a snack enjoying the best views of the icon of Tenerife, or as the canarian calls it:"our father Teide".


Casa Pepe

Discover the largest variety of Spanish tapas at Casa Pepe, under roof orat a comfortable outdoor terrace.


Bambú Bar

Very close to Kinderlandia, our playground dedicated to the children, you can find kids menus adapted to the tastes and needs of the little ones.


Choza de Los Duques

If you want to enjoy a menu chosen by yourself, please visit La Choza de los Duques. A self-service establishment with the best menus of the highest quality and where you can choose from a wide variety of dishes.


Bar Grill Patio del Loro

The Patio is great for pork, beef and chicken, among other delicious dishes. Make sure you go to our Bar & amp; Grill Patio del Loro, where you can taste the best grilled meat.


Loritali Pizza

If you fancy a pizza or pasta, Loro Parque also offers an Italian restaurant where you can taste the best pasta dishes and pizzas made in our traditional artisan way, with natural ingredients and a premium mass.