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Loro Parque has devoted special attention to World Wildlife Day, which this year focused on the incalculable value of marine life.  To this end, activities were carried out throughout the week with the aim of promoting awareness and education about the immense diversity of species that inhabit the marine world and their importance to the ecosystem as a whole.

To this end, the Education Department of the Loro Parque Foundation has carried out different activities throughout the week, among which was a students’ guided visit to the Loro Parque Aquarium, where they discovered that the oceans hide an enormously rich biodiversity.  Thus, the students have learned about the immense variety of species that inhabit the sea and the various threats they face, such as over-exploitation, pollution, loss of coastal habitats or climate change.

Within the actions of the Wildlife Week, the Education team has also made further visits to the coasts of the Canary Islands, continuing with the project ‘The Sand on Our Beaches.  On this occasion, the Department of Education has travelled to three different Tinerfeñan beaches. There, 94 students of the Colegio Alemán and 25 from the IES Manuel Martín González have investigated the abundance of plastic and the factors that can influence its accumulation.

On the other hand, an education campaign on marine life has been carried out in the Parque’s social networks.  In this, curiosities are explained such as turtles’ markings or the importance of mangroves which act as natural filters, amongst other functions, preventing a large amount of organic matter from reaching the coral reefs.

With these ongoing activities, Loro Parque reinforces its commitment to the protection and conservation not only of marine species but of all wild animals, which act in the Parque as true Ambassadors of their fellow creatures in the wild, helping to make visitors aware of the dangers they face.

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