Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:02

Loro Parque inaugurates new aviaries and welcomes red pandas

Loro Parque continues to strengthen its commitment to constant innovation in the conservation labours of biodiversity and awareness rising of the importance of environmental protection. To this end, on Friday afternoon, 29th April, the zoo celebrated the inauguration of the new and fascinating Aviaries of South America and the arrival of the Red Pandas, Annapurna and Posee.

Over a hundred people attended the inauguration ceremony, which was attended by Carlos Alonso, president of Cabildo de Tenerife; Lope Alonso, mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, and Wolfgang Kiessling, president of Loro Parque, among other distinguished authorities. In their speeches, they emphasized the innovative design of the new installations and the pioneer technologies that were incorporated in the process, as well as the important role that Loro Parque, as a modern zoological park, plays in environmental awareness and its value in promoting the tourism in the Canary Islands.

During the meeting, the authorities took part in the plantation of a very special African tulip tree specimen, a tree that, unlike most of this variety, has yellow flowers instead of the common red colour seen in the rest of trees. A new opportunity to celebrate the biodiversity of flora and fauna found in Loro Parque.

The beauty of Red Pandas is reflected in the interesting names, like ‘fire fox’ or ‘walkers of the forests’, which they receive in the Asian mountains where they are originally from. Their reddish and orangey colours make our nice couple of Red Pandas one of the most beautiful and loved animals by children and adults.

Red Pandas receive a particular care at their facilities: a micro-aspersion system to cool the temperature on hot days, as well as fresh food inspired by their natural environment, marked by the abundance of bamboo – its main nutrition source.

A special part of the celebration of the arrival of the Red Pandas is represented by the announcement of Luis Deseda, a singer with a distinguished career and a special bond with the Canary Islands, as a “god-father” of these two beautiful females who have found their new home in Loro Parque.

Furthermore, visitors will also discover an amazing landscaping in the new Aviaries: more than 130 m2 designed to detail to recreate the jungle environments found in Brazil and Mexico, two of the places where the birds in this exhibition are from.

The most beautiful birds of South America are among the birds that dwell in the Aviaries. The innovative exhibition is divided in two areas: the Amazon and Mexico, where the birds can enjoy trees, waterfalls and streams. An environment fully prepared to provide the greatest welfare to the birds and protect them thanks for a special mesh surrounding the aviary.

These exhibitions are a new commitment of the #1 Zoo in Europe and the second in the world to stay as an international reference for innovative and modern zoos, whose main priority is the welfare of the animals, conservation of the biodiversity and protection of the environment.