Monday, 13 April 2020 11:03

Preventing the Next Pandemic: A Humane Conversation About Our Social Contract with Animals


As the oldest animal welfare organization in the US, American Humane and its CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert work to improve welfare across the companion, military, farm, entertainment, and zoological animal world. As the SARS-CoV-2 spread continues to affect the lives of animals and people around the globe, American Humane is stepping up to provide online materials and support to organizations and animals in need. Dr. Ganzert discusses how the current pandemic is more evidence of how humans have violated the social contract we have with animals and that we must do better to share humane values and practices around the nation and the world.

Plus last week's guest, University of Minnesota veterinary epidemiologist, Dr. Dominic Travis joins us again to discuss the late breaking news about a tiger at the Bronx zoo that tested positive for COVID-19 and what the implications are for zoo and domestic animals. Rather than a reason to panic, Dr. Travis says this incident highlights the important and longstanding scientific role of modern zoos and aquariums as sentinels for zoonotic disease. He argues that zoological facilities and professionals play an integral part of the broader public health community to curb this pandemic and to monitor, prepare for, and mitigate future ones.