Wednesday, 06 May 2020 09:35

Lady Dolphin Anke died at the age of 37

Anke had been caught wild in 1985 and came to Nuremberg in 1990. She suffered from liver damage for several years. Three dolphin calves she gave birth to did not survive, probably due to a genetic defect.

Director of the zoo, Dag Encke (54), describes the death of the bottlenose dolphin: "After feeding, she still reacted well to the coaches' signals. A few minutes later she was dead. Her heart had stopped."

Marine biologist Prof. Dr. Boris Culik (61) evaluates for BILD Anke's death: "37 years is a fantastic age. In the wild, the animals live for a maximum of 20 years, in captivity an average of 28 years. So Anke was very old, a sign that she was optimally cared for."

For now, no other female dolphin comes to Nuremberg, because, according to zoo director Dag Encke, "We have stopped breeding." Because the dolphin lagoon must be renovated. Encke: "This is now being planned. When the plans are ready, we'll start the tendering." After Anke's death and that of Flipper-Methuselah Moby (†58) in 2018, there are now six dolphins living in the zoo, all females.

Anke's body has been pathologically examined, the result will only be available in a few days.

It is still unclear when the zoo will reopen after the shutdown due to Corona. Spokeswoman Nicola Mögel: "We only know that we are closed until May 4th, not when we will open again."