19:11hThe second email from Thomas Cook’s CEO, Mr. Peter Fankhauser to the President of Loro Parque, Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling

From: Fankhauser, Peter
Sent:  Friday, 27th July, 2018 19:11
To: Loro Parque
Subject: RE: Thomas Cook Commercial Relationship

Mr. Fankhauser writes to us that he understands our disappointment and that this decision was not made lightly but he took into account the views of their customers. Anyhow, he confirms this decision and tells us that he respects the relationship over all these years.

Which is why he instructed the team to respect the current contract over the 12-month period and tells us that nothing changes for summer or winter season.

He proposed to continue that in the resting time we could forge new relationship around those attractions where we do not orcas in our care.