02 August - 19:11The response from Thomas Cook’s CEO, Mr. Peter Fankhauser to the President of Loro Parque, Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling

From: Fankhauser, Peter
Sent:  Thursday, 2nd August, 2018 19:11
To: Loro Parque
Subject: Thomas Cook Commercial Relationship

On August 2nd, at 19:11, we received his response to the letter in which he states that he is sorry that we feel that we did not have enough time to properly digest this notice and he tells us that he gave a full 36-hour before publishing their statement on thier corporate blog.

However, Mr. Fankhauser fails to notice that media somehow already knew about this decision 28 minutes after his official email to Loro Parque  (below you can find a copy of the first media request from The Sunday Times sent to Loro Parque), which made us publish our statement immediately (Loro Parque’s statement appeared on Friday 27th July, 20:33).

Then, despite taking this decision unilaterally, Mr. Fankhauser changes the course and offers a meeting in the beginning of September in London.