16:06hThe receipt of the first email from Thomas Cook’s CEO, Peter Fankhauser announcing their decision to extend their animal welfare policy to remove from sale any attraction featuring captive orcas by the end of June 2019..


From: Fankhauser, Peter                 
Sent: Friday, 27th July, 2018 16:06
To: Loro Parque
Subject: Thomas Cook Commercial Relationship

Mr. Fankhauser sends us a message saying that he informs us of a change to their animal welfare policy that will impact the commercial relationship that Thomas Cook has with Loro Parque.

In discussion with their Executive Committee and Executive, he decided to extend their animal welfare policy to remove from sale any attraction featuring captive orcas by the end of June 2019. At this time, he said that this was not a decision they took lightly, and that they believe it was the right decision for Thomas Cook.

Mr. Fankhouser assures that 18 months ago Thomas Cook introduced a new animal welfare policy and specialists (those which we knew and came to audit to Loro Parque. They were former touristic guides with no formal education or experience in animal husbandry and welfare). However, these persons received training given by the special friends of zoological parks, Born Free Foundation, converting them into “specialists” in a record short time.

NOTE: If we understand right, Loro Parque or the zoological society, we are not taking animal welfare seriously, an allegation, which we, also, seriously and strongly reject.

Further, Mr. Fankhauser pretends to respect the long-standing relationship with Loro Parque which, again, we do not find true since this email was sent to us on Friday, at 16:06 and we received the first journalist request from The Sunday Times at 16:34, 28 minutes later.

Mr. Fankhauser instructed his team that they continue to sell our tickets over the next 12 months, because we had just signed a contract for Winter 18/19 and Summer 19.

But in case they are unable to do this, for whatever reason that is not explained, they will need to terminate our contract and will give us then six months’ written notice.

Then Thomas Cook’s CEO stated that there will be an announcement on the weekend and, as we stated before, 28 minutes of this important email we received the first media email from The Sunday Times requesting our statements on the subject.