Monday, 09 July 2018 13:30

New large-scale 10M aquarium exhibition ZEN AQUATIC UNDERWATER GARDEN in Loro Parque in Tenerife, Canary Islands


On May 31st 2018 , the Loro Parque Chairman Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling,  hosted the opening ceremony of the Zen Underwater Garden located in the AquaViva exhibition of Loro Parque in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Recently awarded by TripAdvisor Best Zoo in the World).
This extraordinary exhibit – featuring 10 x 1.5 meter panoramic window – is created by Mr. Yago Alonso Gimenez, who is “bioscaper” specialising in the design and construction of large-scale biospaces for aquariums and zoos. He is also the representative and distributor of ADA for Spain and Portugal and personal disciple of Takashi Amano. He is accompanied in the creation of Amano’s posthumous work Florestas Submersas (Forests Underwater) in Portugal.
The Zen Underwater Garden expresses a harmony of peaceful beauty of Japanese gardens with wabi-sabi and majesty of Shan Shui oriental highlands and mountains paintings. This exhibition provides the novelty of large size aquariums with detail delicacy: bonsai roots are embedded in natural stones; the river bed recreates the alluvium of multiple broken rocks; paths in immaculate white sand meander. These aspects will direct views attention to natural details of special beauty and interest. The highlight of this exhibition is the singular and selected explosion of life and color: more than fifty species of aquatic flora with epiphytic, carpet and stem variants; a dozen natural mosses covering rocks and roots or becoming the fronds of underwater bonsais; more than fifty fish species, shrimp and frogs provide color and dynamism and offer a timeless ecosystem dream for the viewer.

Building The Zen Underwater Garden within the AquaViva exhibition lasted several months. For the creation, hundreds of kilos of natural roots were selected and more than 4 tons of stones were used. The local ADA retailers who also participated in Amano’s 40m tank project in Portugal, Mr. Rui Alves (Aquaeden), Mr.Albert Escrihuela (NAscapers) and Mr.Ezequiel Salguero (Pzes) supported the dense and meticulous planting pattern.

The maintenance is done under the supervision and tutoring of Mr.Alonso to evolve and mature artistic and natural aspects also create wabi-sabi impression continuously.

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