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France’s Minister of Ecological Transition aims to ban dolphin breeding even in accredited and certified zoos and aquariums. The article discusses this move against animal welfare, science, and conservation.


Washington, D.C.  -- American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, last week presented the Champion of Conservation Award to Wolfgang Kiessling, Founder and President of Loro Parque and Loro Parque Foundation. The award recognizes Kiessling’s global leadership in species conservation.

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What does it mean to be an expert?

This should be an easy question to answer. An expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. A surgeon who has performed 2,000 heart surgeries is unquestionably an expert. A long-haul truck driver who has logged 1000’s of hours driving is an expert. How about a teacher who has spent 10 years in the classroom or a zookeeper who has worked with animals for 20 years? Are they experts? Yes, but perhaps their true expertise can be found in a particular part of the job. For example, a zookeeper who has primarily worked with birds would not have the expertise in caring for tigers, but they would still be more of an animal expert than a lawyer. However, what if the lawyer loves animals and through research of animal law cases found themselves believing that animals deserve personhood. The lawyer has never actually spent time with an animal but takes on cases that advance animal rights. Now is that lawyer an expert in animals?

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 10:59

IAAPA Responds to TripAdvisor


Dear Mr. Kaufer:

On behalf of IAAPA, the global association for the attractions industry, and our more than 6,000 members around the world, we are deeply disappointed and concerned about TripAdvisor’s recent decision to no longer sell tickets to attractions with cetaceans in professional care. The decision does not consider the ongoing and unwavering commitment to the overall welfare, health and care of these animals. 


Author: Philipp J. Kroiß

TripAdvisor abandons science, animal welfare & conservation

TripAdvisor caves in to the populism of the animal rights industry and ignores science, animal welfare, and conservation. For a long time, they made good profits from zoological institutions and now they betrayed them and publish a statement on their blog which is against every fact in the whole issue. Travelers should be very careful that they won’t betrayed by this questionable tour operator just like the conservation centers were now.


Author: American Humane

In Face of Sixth Mass Extinction, American Humane Asks TripAdvisor to Reverse Decision


Author: AZA

The travel and tourism website TripAdvisor today announced a new prohibitive booking policy, noting it will no longer sell tickets to any facility caring for cetaceans – dolphins and whales – unless the facility agrees to let their current residents be the last to live at those facilities. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) condemns TripAdvisor’s new policy and stands behind every AZA-accredited member who cares for dolphins and whales. Dan Ashe, AZA President and CEO, issued the following statement:

Friday, 04 October 2019 08:33

The Questionable Ethics of Ingrid Visser



A controversial New Zealand-based whale researcher’s latest PR move raises eyebrows among members of the zoo community in terms of her questionable ethics.

Ingrid Visser is a New Zealand born whale researcher who is known for her work on wild killer whale populations, in both her native New Zealand, and in other parts of the southern hemisphere. She has an anti-zoo agenda as well—It is of one that involves her traveling to zoological facilities that house orcas, by taking photos of them in order to pass them off as “evidence” of “abuse.”

Yet, she is also known for some of her questionable methods of “research” practices that have put her under some scrutiny in recent years, and it all shows in her latest PR move that involves an ongoing lawsuit filed against SeaWorld.



On October 2, 2019, TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator announced that it would no longer sell tickets to or profit from any tourist destinations that house, breed, or import captive whales and dolphins. This move comes after other major travel companies such as Thomas Cook and Virgin Airlines cut ties with SeaWorld and other marine parks. The company now openly advocates for the transfer of all captive cetaceans to seaside sanctuaries, and will no longer support any institution that houses cetaceans in a zoological setting.

According to TripAdvisor, the decision comes from an “extensive consultation process with a range of experts, including marine biologists, zoologists and conservationists, and considered the scientific evidence and arguments presented from all sides.” However, the fact that the company’s press release contains statements from openly anti-captivity sources, including PETA affiliates, calls into question the extent to which TripAdvisor conducted a fair and impartial search for the truth.

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