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The president of Loro Parque, Wolfgang kiessling, recieved the Gold Medal “Wilhelm- Pfeiffer” granted by the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen in Germany for the contribution of the Loro Parque towards the research and training of over 500 veterinary students, who have been able to perform practical studies in the clinic and parrot breeding centre, the largest and most diverse reserve in the world.

This house of higher learning recognizes, with this award, those organizations and individuals who support the development and progress in the scientific field of veterinary medicine. In the case of the loro Parque, for over 30 years, doctorate students and undergraduates of avian medicine from the German University have performed hundreds of practical internships, as well as important investigations linked to artificial insemination of parrots, and have obtained results which aid in stopping the extinction of the most endangered species of psittacidae.

The Gold Medal “Wilhelm-Pfeiffer” appreciates the commitment of Loro Parque Foundation to the protection of species and their habitats, since the creation of this non-profit organization in 1994, 14 million dollars have been invested in 96 projects to conserve species of parrots and cetaceans throughout all 5 continents. As a result of extensive conservation efforts, Loro Parque Foundation has managed to reduce the level of threat of extinction of two species of parrots, the Yellow-eared Parrot of Colombia and Lear’s Macaw in Brazil.