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On Saturday, october 18th, Santa Cruz celebrates the Animals Day, with a special recreational event, destinated to citizens awareness about care and importance of pets in this city. The event Día de los Animales, which will take place on Plaza del Príncipe from 10 to 18 hours, is free entrance, and it is organized by Association for the Animals Defense, together with Santa Cruz Local Government, Santa Cruz Sostenible Trust, and Santa Cruz’s Youngs City Association. Besides, thanks to the sponsoring of Loro Parque Fundación, and the collaboration of Tenerife Island Government, Canary Islands Guide Dogs Users Association AUCAN, Fuente Alta, GM Reformas, ONCE (National Blind Men Organisation), Perri-Pet, Santa Cruz Citizens Protection Service, QuéFauna Veterinarian Centre, Radio Club Tenerife and Tierra Blanca Animal Protection Centre, several family-oriented recreational activities will be carried out.


Among the expected activities, there will be offered three lectures, related to the pets world and their function in nowadays society, besides to animals rescue, exotic and invasive species and exotic birds care. Besides, conducted by Loro Parque Fundación, educational kids workshops, related to biodiversity conservation, puppets shows with Citizens Protection Service, dogs parades, dogs training shows with UNIPOL and ONCE will be carried out. Finally, there will be informative stands about pets care and hair-style.

The attendants to this event may come escorting their pets, and may donate food, nlankets, towels and other aids for animasl care in shelters. For their part, at least twelve associations will present their work in informative stands, as well as security and rescue forces like Local Police, SEPRONA (Nature Police) and Firefighters. These organizations will bring close to the visitors their tasks that they carry out in favour of nature protection. To make the journey pleasant, there will be also some musical and recreational shows with Tomás and his boleros.