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Letter from the President

Dear friends,


With over fifty years of activity, Loro Parque stands as one of the largest tourist attractions in the Canary Islands. It serves as a hub for job creation and economic prosperity for our islands, while also taking pride in being recognized as one of the world’s foremost centers for biodiversity protection.

Our actions are carried out with the utmost respect and love for each of the animals under our care in the park. A notable testament to this commitment is the recognition bestowed upon us by the American company Global Humane in 2021. As an independent organization dedicated to identifying and denouncing animal risk or abuse worldwide, Global Humane conducted an intensive audit of Loro Parque, which included a comprehensive analysis of animal care and efforts toward species protection and recovery. As a result, Loro Parque was awarded the “Human Conservation” certificate with the highest rating, naming it the best zoo in Europe.

Following the certification, Global Humane decided to name an award after Wolfgang Kiessling, specifically created to acknowledge the work of those dedicating their lives to protecting natural life and providing financial support to advance these efforts. This tribute to exceptional work celebrated its second edition on the 13th of September at The Capitol in Washington.

Despite being a small family-owned business in comparison to other global giants, Loro Parque has emerged as an international leader in the fight for biodiversity protection, species recovery, and the development of projects aimed at combating the environmental challenges facing our planet. We have successfully rescued twelve species from extinction, with some, such as the wonderful Lear’s Macaw, returning to their natural habitat and beginning to breed—a success of which we are immensely proud and details of which can be found on the Loro Parque Foundation website.

Nevertheless, our efforts are still unknown to many who criticize our activities based on a complete lack of understanding of the reality of our work. In this context, accurate, precise, and verified information is our best defense, and you are the first advocates of this information.

We would like to share with you some data that is being inaccurately disseminated by individuals attempting to harm us, causing persistent fear and confusion among the population.

All our data is verifiable by anyone interested, supported by relevant external audits and scientific validation.

We are available to anyone wishing to learn more about our fight against species loss.


Thank you for supporting our work.

Wolfgang Kiessling, Presidente de Loro Parque, S.A.