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23 de January de 2024

New hope for lowland gorillas: new baby born at London Zoo to a male from Loro Parque

The newborn is the son of Kiburi, who travelled to London from Loro Parque in…
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15 de January de 2024

Loro Parque, Siam Park and Poema Del Mar: favourite tourist destinations in 2023

The Loro Parque Group's commitment to high quality tourism, sustainability and the creation of unforgettable…
Loro Parque FR
2 de January de 2024

Six new penguins have been born in Loro Parque’s antartic world

The penguin community of Loro Parque expanded its family this Christmas with the birth of…
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29 de November de 2023

Spanish zoo recognised as the most sustainable zoo in the world

The expert commission of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) distinguished the excellent…
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29 de November de 2023

Four baby giant Galápagos tortoises have been born at Loro Parque, marking an extraordinary milestone for the conservation of this endangered species.

Four new Galápagos giant tortoises have hatched at Loro Parque. What makes this news extraordinary…
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8 de November de 2023

How to Ensure Fewer Species Follow Dinosaurs to Extinction

The U.S. government announced last month that nearly two dozen species are being taken off…
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3 de November de 2023

Zoo marine mammals live up to three times longer than their counterparts in the wild, study finds

NOTICIA Research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences highlights that…
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30 de October de 2023

Loro Parque welcomes the finalists of the “child director” contest

Last weekend, Loro Parque opened its doors to the finalists of the director kid. The…
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27 de October de 2023

A Sanctuary in Macaronesia: Europe’s Hottest Spot of Marine Biodiversity

The creation of a Marine Sanctuary in Macaronesia has reached the European Parliament through an…
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24 de October de 2023

Loro Parque Fundación proposes the creation of a marine sanctuary before the European Parliament

Protecting the biodiversity of one of the most species-rich areas of the planet is the…
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10 de October de 2023

3 zebra shark pups, an endangered species, are born in Loro Parque

Three zebra shark pups have been born at Loro Parque's aquarium, two males and one…
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6 de October de 2023

Loro Parque presents the Gorilla 2022 Award in recognition of dedication to protecting the Planet

This year's winners, Frank Elstner and Matthias Reinschmidt, represent the work in the fields of…
21 de September de 2023

Educating the New Generations in Planet Care

oro Parque is not an animal exhibition; it is a biodiversity protection center where each…
21 de September de 2023

Loro Parque Fights Against the Biodiversity Crisis

Human impact on the environment continues to escalate. The sixth mass extinction threatens the lives…
21 de September de 2023

Lifespan of Cetaceans Under Human Care

One of the most recurring criticisms is the notion that dolphins and orcas have a…
21 de September de 2023

Loro Parque advances towards energy self-sustainability

Loro Parque is developing a sustainability strategy to reduce the impact of its activities on…
21 de September de 2023

Loro Parque Takes a Stand Against Lion Extinction

Currently, the population of African lions is less than 25,000 individuals in the wild. Loro…
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21 de September de 2023

Primate Conservation Program at Loro Parque

The group of male gorillas living at Loro Parque is part of the EAZA Ex-situ…
21 de September de 2023

Loro Parque Protects Flamingo Populations

Loro Parque has become, almost since the beginning of its activity, a breeding and conservation…
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13 de September de 2023

Global Humane presents in Washington the International Wolfgang Kiessling Award for the preservation of species to Professor Theo Pagel

This award of worldwide relevance recognises Professor Pagel, director of the Cologne Zoo, for a…
11 de September de 2023

Loro Parque welcomes two new crowned crane hatchlings

Two new African crowned crane hatchlings have been born in Loro Parque. This is a…
8 de September de 2023

Marshaling the World in the Fight Against Extinction

Recent findings about the state of biodiversity around the planet are alarming. Earlier this year,…
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7 de September de 2023

Loro Parque incorporates a CT scanner that will allow progress in veterinary care and animal welfare

The powerful tool will also provide important data for Loro Parque Fundación's conservation and species…
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14 de August de 2023

Loro Parque Foundation successfully reintroduces nearly extinct lear’s macaw into the wild

Loro Parque Foundation is currently celebrating a significant triumph for our planet: Three newborn chicks…
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7 de July de 2023

Autonomous vehicles will create an acoustic and cetacean map of the oceanic waters of the Canary Islands

The project co-funded by the Canary Islands Government and Loro Parque Fundación will monitor for…
25 de May de 2023

Loro Parque Fundación’s Macaronesia Species Survival Centre and the Spanish Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature present “The State of Biodiversity in Spain”

The comprehensive study represents a giant step forward in the real knowledge of the extreme…
27 de April de 2023

Loro Parque, for transparency in the fight for animal welfare

The animal rights organisation PETA, one of the most aggressive in this field, euthanises more…
Fotografía de orca, autor Andre EstevezBlog
25 de April de 2023

Nature is not a Disney movie

In the last few days we have witnessed a sequence of triumphalist headlines in the…
4 de April de 2023

Loro Parque receives recognition by the Canary Islands Government for being the first zoo in the world to obtain a negative carbon footprint

Loro Parque has become the only zoo in the world to achieve a negative carbon…
8 de March de 2023

Loro Parque celebrates the birth of a new baby sloth

Loro Parque Zoo has announced this week the birth of a new two-toed sloth (Choloepus…
Loro Parque FR
1 de March de 2023

International scientists study at Loro Parque how animals perceive space-time

A team of international scientists, including Sara Torres, a researcher at the University of Southern…
Pinguino Loro ParqueLoro Parque FR
1 de February de 2023

Loro Parque welcomes the new year with 12 new penguin chicks

The Planet Penguin family at Loro Parque is expanding with new additions to its animal…
22 de January de 2023

Loro Parque group exhibits at Fitur its new attractions for 2023

The Loro Parque group presented its attractions for 2023 at the 43rd edition of the…
Loro Parque celebra su aniversarioBlog
19 de December de 2022

Loro Parque celebrates its 50th anniversary

Puerto de La Cruz, 17 December 2022. Loro Parque celebrated the big commemorative event for…
gorilla named KiburiBlog
25 de November de 2022

The Gorilla Kiburi joins new family at London Zoo

Loro Parque transferred the gorilla Kiburi to London Zoo. Kiburi is a gorilla from the…
28 de October de 2022

Swims Act, a law that drives animals to a lonely death

Conservation, research and outreach are the pillars under which modern zoological institutions operate, where animals…
Loro Parque alberga la reunión mundial de zoos y acuariosBlogLoro Parque
26 de October de 2022

Loro Parque to host the Annual Conference for WAZA

The 77th annual conference of WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, brings together…
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20 de September de 2022

Official statement of Loro Parque in relation to the publication of former employee 2521 Sebastian McLean

Date: 20/09/2022 Last Thursday, 15th September, the ex-employee Sebastian McLean published on his social networks…
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24 de August de 2022

Loro Parque Fundación achieves a new milestone in the reintroduction of the Lear’s Macaw in Brazil

A milestone for the conservation of endangered species has just taken place: the first Lear's…
3 de August de 2022

Loro Parque obtains valuable knowledge about zebra sharks thanks to its breeding programme

The Loro Parque aquarium team has published an article in the prestigious scientific  Journal of…
29 de July de 2022

The IUSA-ULPGC discovers a new pathological entity in dolphins, similar to a syndrome that affects humans

After more than 20 years of research on around 1300 cetaceans, the University Institute of…
1 de July de 2022

Dr. Jon Paul Rodriguez receives the Wolfgang Kiessling International Prize for Species Conservation

American Humane, the world's largest certifier of animal welfare practices, awarded Dr Jon Paul Rodriguez,…
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1 de July de 2022

Loro Parque hosts the third Parliamentary Evening in Berlin

For the third time, Loro Parque invited members of the German Federal Parliament and their…
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21 de June de 2022

Gorilla Schorsch

The Loro Parque family is deeply saddened by the death of the gorilla Schorsch. Schorsch…
BlogLoro ParqueResearch
13 de June de 2022

Loro Parque reaches an agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer

Loro Parque has reached an agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer by which 300…
foto destacada loro parque logoBlogEnvironment
9 de June de 2022

Loro Parque moves towards decarbonization

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published the sixth edition of the Climate…
17 de May de 2022

What is the sonar moratorium and why should you care?

Sonar is a technique that uses underwater sound propagation primarily to navigate, communicate or detect…
13 de May de 2022

Climate change is making itself felt in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the sea with the highest number of invasive species in the world.…
18 de April de 2022

One of the largest collections of stuffed animals in Europe is seized in Valencia

For us at Loro Parque, nothing is more important than love and respect for animals.…
6 de April de 2022

UN report warns of unprecedented global warming in the last ten years

A study by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says greenhouse gas emissions…