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Planet Penguin

Discover Antarctica and experience the polar climate at the world’s best penguinarium. Real snow, a huge iceberg and hundreds of penguins await you in this ice habitat. The Planet Penguin facility is considered to be the best-known representation of the natural living conditions of these curious animals.


We inform you that the puffin exhibition will remain closed from May 6th to June 17th. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Katandra Treetops

Katandra, meaning birdsong in the Australian Aboriginal language and Treetops in reference to the treetops, is Loro Parque’s worship of nature and birds as its ambassadors. Fifty years after opening its doors and subsequently creating this unique space, it is now one of the most iconic Australian bird flight habitats in the world. Between suspension bridges and lush vegetation, you can see rainbow lorises up close and personal, or feel the air being displaced by the aerial acrobatics of a variety of Australasian birds.


Loro Parque surprises with a sensational species biotope with multicoloured Australian parakeets. The innovative exhibition allows you to see the birds up close with no visual barriers. Visit a space where a great variety of species from Oceania show their maximum splendour. Belonging to the most diverse habitats in this part of the world, Australian parakeets occupy a vital position in ecosystems acting as seed dispersers and pollinators. An unforgettable experience for everyone.

La Gruta

Come and explore La Gruta! Discover Loro Parque’s new experience and immerse yourself in the secret world of bats. Meet these mysterious flying mammals, which live mainly in caves, crevices and hollow trees. Take a unique look at how these nocturnal creatures behave from inside their habitat and learn intriguing facts about this fascinating species.


Come and meet face to face with the magical creatures that inhabit the oceans and rivers at Loro Parque’s aquarium. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled aquatic world and home to thousands of different species of fish and corals. You’ll also find an amazing shark tunnel through which you’ll get up close and personal with one of nature’s most impressive predators.


AquaViva, an authentic underwater show with hundreds of jellyfish of all colours and fluorescence. With a supernatural appearance, these curious jellyfish of surprising and elegant shapes are the undisputed protagonists of an exhibition designed to discover the most special details of these fascinating creatures that inhabit all the seas of the earth. In addition, at AquaViva, you can discover impressive blacktip reef sharks, as well as hundreds of multicoloured tropical fish.