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Regarding the Species Exhibition


Loro Parque is not merely an animal display but rather a biodiversity conservation center, where each species plays a crucial role in preserving its survival in the natural world. It is truly an Animal Embassy.

The educational mission of scientifically-based zoological parks is a cornerstone of efforts to protect species. Through direct interaction with the animals residing in Loro Parque, the public comes closer to real-life experiences and develops empathy and interest for beings that would otherwise be mere data and occurrences from other parts of the world.

This educational work is particularly intensive in schools across the Canary Islands. Over 300,000 students have visited the park annually to participate in activities organized by the educational team. During these sessions, they learn about the species, their actual status in nature, ongoing projects, and all relevant details tailored to their educational level.

Upon leaving the park, these students demonstrate an increased concern for the survival of species. This is a crucial step to ensure that the new generations are conscious and actively engaged in caring for the planet.