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Loro Parque is designed so that anyone can comfortably enjoy all areas and activities in the park. These are some of the services you will find:


What are the opening hours of the park?

The Park is open from Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 17:30. You can check the presentations timetable here

Do you close any day?

We are open every day of the year without exception. We look forward to seeing you!


Do I need to buy my ticket in advance?

We recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance on our website. However, you can buy it at the ticket office the day of your visit.

How could I solve a problem with my e-ticket?

You should contact our IT Department at [email protected]

Can I ask for a refund of my ticket?

We do not give refunds, but our tickets are valid indefinitely and you can use them at any time in the future.


From what age do children pay?

Children from 6 to 11 years of age pay children’s tickets.


Is there a group discount?

Yes, there is a special price for groups of 20 people and more. For more information, contact our team by filling this form

Do I get a discount as a member of the state security forces?

Local and national police and the Guardia Civil based in the park’s municipality get free admission for themselves, their spouses, and children. The other people accompanying them must pay a normal ticket. Local and national police and Guardia Civil from the rest of Spain enjoy a 25% discount in their ticket, that of their spouse and children. The other people accompanying them must pay a normal ticket.

* Discount applicable exclusively to purchases made at the ticket counter. Not applicable to online purchases.

Is there a discount for large families?

We do not have a discount for large families, however, children under 6 years old have free admission and children between 6 and 11 years old pay a special price.

How to benefit from the resident discount?

You must be registered as a resident in the Canary Islands and prove it showing your certificate of registration, your national identity document (DNI) or foreigner’s identity Number (NIE).

Do disabled people get a discount?

People with an officially recognised disability of +60% are entitled to a special rate:

To purchase a ticket at a special disability price, please go to our information office and show your certificate, card, or medical report. You will also need to show your photo ID.

* Discount applicable exclusively to purchases made at the ticket counter. Not applicable to online purchases.


Where to catch the train?

At Plaza de los Reyes Católicos from 9:00 and every 20 minutes. It will take you free of charge to Loro Parque in a comfortable journey through Puerto de la Cruz, on which you will enjoy some of the most emblematic streets of the municipality.


Do you have a car park?

We have our own car park available to our guests for 7€ per day.

Is it possible to book the car park in advance?

It is not possible to book the car park in advance.


Can I bring food into the Park?

Yes, you can bring your own food. You will find several picnic areas in the Park.

Do you have food for gluten intolerant people?

Yes, our cafeterias and restaurants have options suitable for coeliacs. You can ask our catering, cafeterias and kiosk colleagues and they will inform you in detail about the products available.


Can I swim with dolphins?

Our top priority is animal welfare, so we do not offer interactions with the animals under our care. This way, we avoid unnecessary stress for the animals and recreate conditions similar to the wild.

Where can I send my CV?

If you want to join the Loro Parque team, send your CV by clicking here

Do you organize birthday celebrations?

Yes. Birthdays at Loro Parque become unforgettable memories. For  more information click here

Is it possible to leave and re-enter the Park?

Yes, you just need to get a stamp at the ticket office.

Do you sell parrots to private individuals?

Loro Parque, as an animal embassy, does not sell animals. If you are interested in purchasing parrots, you can contact Loro Parque Fundación and they will inform you about the options for responsible breeding and purchase of birds.