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Loro Parque celebrates the beginning of term with an explosion of life and new African spurred tortoises (Geochelone sulcata). The birth of the tortoises is a result of the well-being of the 10 adult tortoises which came to Loro Parque one year ago. The little tortoises which were born terraced during the las weeks, now life in a terrarium especially made for babies. As well Loro Parque expects more examples of this kind in the next few days.

Photograph from Ulrich Brodde

The African spurred tortoise, stand out by their wrinkle that appear on the scale of their shell and characterizes them. Only a few years ago they lived in good areas in the territory of northern Africa next to the southern border of the Sahara desert, but due to the urbanization of their territory and the desertification their existence today is very vulnerable and they only survive within national parks and reservations. In the exhibition that Loro Parque designed for them the little chelonians enjoy the sun and the excellent temperature in Tenerife during their long nap in the white sand.