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Respected Ladies and Gentlemen;

Learning about the plans of your company makes me very sad! Thus, I strongly ask you to immediately take care and action that the Loro Parque remains “The number One Zoo” in Europe and also worldwide! Let me explain:

I have been fighting for the wellbeing of animals since decades: i.e. as the scientific director of the International Laboratory of Dolphin Behaviour Research in Eilat, Israel; also have I been working as an independent expert appointed by the German Government for developing new rules for an optimal housing of marine mammals, and finally since 2005, I am observing the housing of orcas in the Loro Parque, and supervising crucial research on the behaviour of these whales.

With all this as a reference I feel glad to testify about Wolfgang Kiessling and his crew/team to provide best conditions and care for all their whales and dolphins. I am proud to stick out my neck for that, because a number of lies have been reported in the past.

So, dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please rethink the matter and confine your plans to zoos only with a pour housing of their animals.

Best Regards,
(Dietmar Todt)