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Midway through the preparations of the great celebration of the 40th anniversary, Loro Parque continues extending his leisure facilities for the visitors and introduces a new exhibition of anteaters and capybaras without comparison in Spain. It is a big installation of 500 square meters, especially build and designed with different levels and heights so that everybody gets to know them and can discover those curious and flashy animals, the heroes of the children.

Forty years after the inauguration, Loro Parque continues competing with more firmness than ever of the quality and for showing the beauty of the biodiversity. That is why he has created a new exhibition equipped with a lake and diverse gardens in terraced design on different heights. In this exhibition the visitors can observe the amazing behavior of those mammals living in tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America.

The anteaters or Vermilinguas are territorial animals characterized by their particular anatomy and being very curious, that catches especially the attention of the children visiting the park and leaves them wide-eyed seeing them at close quarters. They do not have teeth, but thanks to their strong claws they can as well fight against jaguars and pumas as also open anthills and termite hills, where they find their food and extract them with their long and sticky tongue. They can eat even more than 30,000 ants or termites on one day.

Hombrecito – from the zoo in Vienna – is the male animal in the group and together with the female from Scotland and the couple of capybaras; they form a friendly family where every animal has got his own territory in the exhibition. The capybaras are the largest and heaviest rodents in the world and they spend several hours in the lake of the enclosure, enjoying long humid naps, while surprising the visitors with their pranks.