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Aonyx cinereus

The small-clawed otter is a mammal of about 60 cm, with a great ability to move in the water. Their flexible body and waterproof fur allow them to swim at high speed.

They feed in aquatic environments, but rest and shelter on dry land. They live in groups and are very social.

Up to 5,5 Kg



60 – 64 days

Interesting facts about otters

Their fur is waterproof, so they can preserve their body heat.

They can stay under water for up to 4 minutes, with their nostrils closed and without breathing.

Otters hold hands while they sleep to avoid drifting away in the water.

How we help the conservation of otters

Our efforts to educate and raise awareness among all park visitors also include the otters. As an animal embassy we provide species-specific information, outline the necessary conditions for their conservation in wild habitats and encourage people to take part in the fight against climate change.