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Ingrid Visser and Rosina Lisker, who constantly lie about orca Morgan and her husbandry, visited Loro Parque during the last three days.

Visser is a marine biologist, but also radical activist profiting of the commercial use of wild orca populations and spreading misinformation about Morgan and her husbandry. She aims to start her own so-called “sanctuary” for whales, although she has no experience in proper husbandry of whales. The orca baby Bob died, after her “rescue” and improper husbandry in a swimming pool.

Lisker is Certified Paralegal (i.e. office manager in a law firm) and also has no professional experience in having orcas in her care. She’s a founding member Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition. This radical animal rights coalation spreads lies about dolphinariums in general as we proved.

Both are part of the board of directors of the Free Morgan Foundation, which collects money and is very intransparent in how this money is used. Both influenced the misinforming movie “Inside The Tanks” – read the full analysis here. Free Morgan Foundation also cooperates with Born Free Foundation and other radical animal rights organizations.

Heather Rally worked as a veterinarian, but is now part of the Captive Animal Law Enforcement Department of the PETA Foundation, while she’s, same as Visser, part of a project aiming to found their own SeaWorld and calling it “sanctuary”. She was part of the PETA-Team, who visited Loro Parque in 2015 and used populism to accuse Loro Parque with animal cruelty and failed, because their misinformation wasn’t true. For example they said a mucus running out of the orcas eyes, would be not normal, while it is normal for every whale same in the wild an human care.

 Like thousands of other visitors, they had the possibility to enjoy their time at Orca Ocean. They saw healthy animals in a socially intact group. Morgan and all the other whales are doing great. All of the animals, as usual, participate in the show voluntarily and are in the care of renowned experts. The American Humane Association awarded Loro Parque, as first European zoo, with its certificate of 100% compliance. Other independent experts and organizations checked Loro Parque’s husbandry and assured that the orcas, like all other animals, are maintained using highest standards of animal welfare and scientific management.

The animal right industry, Visser, Lisker and Rally benefit respectively being part of, makes money with credulous animal lovers and betrays them with lies, misinformation and expensive marketing campaigns. While 100% of a donation to Loro Parque Fundación is used for conservation the members of this industry only use a small amout or even nothing of the donations for animals and their conservation. True experts will always support the husbandry of orcas at Loro Parque, because it benefits the animals which are in Loro Parque’s care, but also their wild counterparts in nature, while lies of untrustworthy experts don’t benefit a whale, but their own purse.

We are sure Visser, Lisker and Rally will lie again, but all true orca friends should know: every orca at Loro Parque is doing great and both only could use populist arguments to try to convince people of the opposite.