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The Loro Parque Group’s commitment to high quality tourism, sustainability and the creation of unforgettable experiences for its visitors is once again a resounding success. During 2023, more than 3 million people enjoyed the facilities of Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, Siam Park in Adeje and Poema del Mar in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

This figure is even more staggering if we consider that Tenerife received approximately 6 million tourists in the same period. In short, around half of the visitors who come to our island explore some or all of the group’s parks.

This success is no coincidence. It is the result of a continuous effort to develop and maintain a unique entertainment offer, with high quality standards, and with innovation and constant change as pillars to always be at the forefront.


Attractions that Keep the Interest

What distinguishes Loro Parque, Siam Park and Poema del Mar as unrivalled destinations is their constant dynamism. The introduction of new facilities and attractions, the permanent renovation of spaces and the tireless search for surprising novelties for visitors make these three parks irresistible places that invite you to return. Products such as the annual card, especially popular with canarian residents, testify to this loyalty.

This year, Loro Parque has seen its animal family grow with the arrival of numerous new offspring of various species. This success is intrinsically linked to animal welfare, which drives the zoo’s activity. Exciting surprises are coming for 2024 with the opening of Coral Kingdom, the largest coral reserve outside the oceans. Visitors will be immersed in a submerged world. Surrounded by corals and more than 10,000 real fish, they will enjoy the first ever fusion of the real underwater world and the virtual world with fantastic projections of the seabed on the LED floor and the sea surface seen from the depths of the sea and surrounded by rocks from which holograms of sea creatures emerge. In order for visitors to enjoy this magnificent spectacle at its best, the corals need to grow and adapt to their new home. A long natural process that takes several months and is already looking set to be completed next year.


Sustainable and Real Progress

The Loro Parque Group carries out all its activities with a strong commitment to the environment, which has earned it recognition as the most sustainable zoo by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Its integrated management system has ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications, as well as the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle certificate and the TUI International Environment Award.

Since 2018, Loro Parque has reduced the use of single-use plastic by 95%, avoiding the generation of 85 tonnes of plastic by 2023. In addition, the group generates its own clean energy. In this regard, the company has installed a new 10 MW photovoltaic plant. Pending its connection, it would raise energy production to 20 MW, which would mean that the company would be generating enough green energy to supply the needs of the companies that make it up.

As for water, the use of desalination plants and efficient reverse osmosis machines guarantee a sustainable cycle, converting seawater into useful water and returning it filtered and clean to its source.