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Loro Parque welcomes Christmas with the birth of six Southern Rockhoppers and eight Long-Tailed Gentoo penguins.  The new members of the Planet Penguin family are being cared for by the best experts and will be on view from December 24, the first species in the Baby Penguin section and the second with the rest of the Antarctic penguin family.

The birth of the six Southern Rockhoppers represents a great challenge, because it’s a species that’s in a vulnerable state according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  This breed of penguins is very difficult to reproduce, so the experts of the Penguinarium devoted a great deal of time and effort, taking care of every detail during the incubation and growth of the offspring.  Likewise, the eight new members of the Long-Tailed Gentoo family find themselves with their parents sharing and living without difficulties alongside the rest of the Antarctic penguin family.

The arrival of new offspring is always an excellent indicator of animal welfare, because it ensures that the needs of the animals are being met and, as a result, they are able to reproduce without difficulty.  It’s the emblematic case of their famous and beloved female King Penguin Geisha, which was welcomed to the Park in August 2003, and which already has children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all perfectly integrated into the family of this charismatic Antarctic species in the Planet Penguin installations.

To take care of these seabirds, Loro Parque is attentive to every detail.  This is why, in addition to recreating the natural habitat of these species with the 12 tons of snow that fall in the enclosure daily, the normal light cycles of Antarctica are also respected, thus creating a unique space for the animals.

In addition, during the holiday season, visitors will be able to observe the large Nativity scene to be found in the Loro Parque Penguinarium, the only place in the Canary Islands where it snows all year round, thus offering a very special way of celebrating this Christmas season with the family.