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Given the number of comments and questions received about Morgan and her health in our facilities, and to reassure our fans and visitors who share our love for animals, we want to inform you that the data, comments and photos distributed on the Internet about her welfare are completely false. Their sole intention is to damage our image as highly accredited  zoological institution and to mislead the public with false information.

With that said, we share with you the following reports from various experts completely independent of our company, who verified the good health of Morgan and the excellent conditions in which she, like our other orcas, live. These reports belong to Dr. Andrew Greenwood (one of the most experienced cetaceans health experts in the world), Prof. Dr. Dietmar Todt (Emeritus Professor of the University of Berlin and one of the most recognized experts in cetacean ethology), as well as representatives of NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), Germany’s largest association for protecting biodiversity in the world, dedicated to protecting habitat, flora and fauna and threatened species. They recently visited us and saw the optimal conditions in which both Morgan and the rest of the animals live.

Morgan swimming with Kohana, Skyla and Adan:

Among the many scientific studies that are conducted with the orcas, we collaborate with the Free University of Berlin and the University of La Laguna in a study of behavior and communication. Animals are regularly recorded at the end of the day, once the trainers are gone, and the videos are analyzed by experts in animal behavior. In this video you can watch Kohana, Skyla, Morgan and Adan while the camera follows for 15 minutes randomly selected animals so that the results are statistically valid.