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This morning, July 10th, the Dutch judiciary has ruled in favor of Loro Parque in the case of the orca Morgan, confirming that the CITES permit should not be annulled as was requested by the Free Morgan Foundation. This resolution of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands is now the 10th time that the authorities decide against the claims formulated by the activist organization.

Once again, on this occasion, as was already proclaimed repeatedly by all the relevant administrative and judicial institutions, the Dutch Supreme Court emphasized that Loro Parque has installations of the utmost quality and offers excellent wellbeing conditions to the animals under its care.

Furthermore, the resolution recognises that there is no limitation for the orca Morgan to breed; one of the fundamental aspects of criticism on the part of the FMF that suggested that a commercial use of the animal is taking place. Thus, the court also decided that the fact that Loro Parque carries out other activities, apart from purely scientific and educational ones, which are the foundation of the CITES permit, there are not any impediments for them. Therefore, the court does not see a reason to invalidate the permit.

For Loro Parque, it is very important that both the judicial and administrative bodies with competence in this area recognise and highlight the excellent conditions of our Parque, because these affirmations come from bodies and authorities that are absolutely impartial and independent, and this, despite the continuous and denigrating campaigns of these radical groups that constantly strive to defame and discredit us with their lies and falsehoods, distorting the truth, and showing clear contempt for the courts when they do not decide in their favour.

In this context, the zoological institution recognised as the Best Zoo in the World would like to remind Free Morgan Foundation that if the CITES authorities, the European Parliament, and the Dutch Judiciary are all telling them that they are wrong, it is because they are, in fact, wrong.

Therefore, instead of obsessing with the orca Morgan, perhaps they should dedicate their efforts to protecting the endangered populations of orcas. For the tenth time: it is high time to stop wasting time and resources of the Spanish, Dutch and European institutions.

Morgan’s History

The orca Morgan has been in the care of Loro Parque since 2011.  The decision to transfer her to OrcaOcean’s spacious and fully-equipped facilities in Loro Parque was taken in order to provide her with adequate living conditions and, in particular, to meet her needs for social interaction.  It should be borne in mind that this decision was taken at that time by the Dutch authorities (based on the opinions of independent experts) because Morgan’s return to nature was an unviable option and the only other option for this animal was euthanasia.

Loro Parque is supported by all the relevant administrative bodies (CITES in the Netherlands and Spain, the Spanish Zoos Inspectorate and the Spanish animal welfare authorities), which reject FMF’s demands and interpretations of the CITES permit.  Therefore, FMF is the only entity that supports the position of releasing the animal.

Morgan’s state of health

For the past years, Morgan has been living in Loro Parque under the care of a team of veterinary professionals and caregivers; her overall condition is excellent.  She has gained more than 1,100 kg since her arrival at the Parque and her size is now comparable to that of other females her age.

Although she was diagnosed as deaf by an independent group of researchers, her caregivers have been able to establish a complete communication system using a network of lights – a pioneering and unique method worldwide, that has been developed for an orca with a disability.  Thanks to the dedicated attention of her caregivers and this adapted system, she is able to join the group in all its activities despite her condition.

Morgan is completely integrated in the group and has established social relationships with all the orcas at Loro Parque. Moreover, she has even had her first offspring by the name of Ula, who will turn one year old this September.


Loro Parque is an accredited zoological facility as defined by the European Zoos Directive, strictly following all applicable laws and regulations regarding this practice.  Loro Parque is inspected annually by the competent authorities.  Loro Parque also applies the highest standards in orca management, as accredited by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the European Association of Aquatic Mammals, as well as by independent organizations such as American Humane, ABTA, Biosphere Parks, etc. In 2017 and 2018, Loro Parque was awarded the title of Best Zoo in the World by the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.

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