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Loro Parque brings a new surprise to its visitors: two lovely red pandas have arrived to the park directly from Kingusiee Wildfire Park y Paradise Wildlife Park in the U.K. Red pandas have received a brand new installation that has been developed by the Loro Parque’s team of experts and matches the natural habitat of these animals to the maximum extent possible.

The red panda has various names. For example, in the East it is often referred to “a fire fox” due to the reddish and orange colors of its fur. It is also called “a traveler of the forests’ tops” and, in general, has a lot of similarities with raccoon, weasels and ferrets. Most importantly, though, the red panda is considered by many to be “the prettiest animal in the world”.

As, in its natural habitat, the red panda lives in the areas between 1300 and 4000 metres of altitude, the installations have been constructed in such a way that the animal is allowed to enjoy the shadows of the various trees in a cool environment.

This is a brand new installation of Loro Parque that stands out in a spectacular fashion and Loro Parque is very content to be able to offer the new premises of these adorable and charismatic animals to its visitors that come from all parts of the world, as well as to the inhabitants of the Canary Islands.