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In contrast with the joy and pride with which Loro Parque announced the birth of the second baby orca in Spain, last August 3rd, today with enormous regret we inform you of the sad demise of Vicky, who with so much emotion and affection, the team of OrcaOcean cared for in her 10 months of life. Vicky stood out as a playful, agile and intelligent youngster, andan animal that won the hearts of the entire team of Orca Ocean and of the visitors that knew her during this time.

The reasons for this sudden death are still not known, but the veterinarians and experts are working on the necropsy to determine the causes. In recent days the OrcaOcean team,which every day cares for the animals and monitors all their movements, had noticed changes in her behaviour. For this reason, the leading experts in the field were consulted,including the chief veterinarian of Sea World who came especially from the United States to perform a check on Vicky.