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With regard to the publication of Dolphin Project on the video platform Vimeo, Loro Parque declares the following:

The video represents just a few minutes of images of Morgan, right after the end of a regular presentation in OrcaOcean. It is absolutely illogical and absurd to assume that the length and the quality of such video would be sufficient to make a conclusion and declaration of such nature.

In order to make any correct conclusion, it is a requirement that professional veterinarians and renowned experts in this field work intensely for an extended period of time conducting observations, diagnostic tests, scans etc. Having stated that, it is absolutely clear, that this declaration represents nothing more than a campaign launched by the anti-zoo activists that do not really pursue the well-being of the animals.

A voluntary stranding is a natural behavior of orcas living in the wild. For example, in the region of Valdes, Argentina, there is a group of orcas that has learned to hunt the cubs of sea lions in the shallow waters near the shore.

The orcas at Loro Parque are trained to leave the water on their own accord. This behavior is used for manifold purposes, for example, for presenting the animals to the public, for conducting corporal check-ups, for inspecting their blowholes, as well as for testing hearing abilities of the orcas.

On numerous occasions, when the trainer gives free time to the animals so that they can enjoy the interacting that is part of their social behavior, the animals might repeat spontaneously the jumps they have learned, or leave the water or even slide across the stage. This is a totally natural behavior which is often accompanied by dynamic play. To speculate that this represents a sign of stress demonstrates utter ignorance about the natural behavior of this species.

Loro Parque would like to underline the importance of relying on scientifically proven data to make statements about animal well-being and not to rely on opinions of organizations that evidently only pursue their anti-zoo agenda.