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Animal activists have turned the plea of sick and injured animals into big business.

In 2015, PETA raised over $48 million dollars, HSUS raised over $178 million and the ASPCA raised over $138 million. This big business relies on exploiting the plight of animals to get people to open their wallets.

Most of us have found ourselves late at night watching TV when we hear the Sarah McLachlan music. You see videos of animals desperately in need of help, and like millions of other people, you reach for your wallet and donate.

Recently someone on YouTube took the audio from an ASPCA and mashed it up with video of robots.

The result is a video that pulls at your heart strings and demonstrates the brutal art of manipulating people with videos without context.

This is how this big business works.

The reality is that after hundreds of millions of dollars are donated to these organizations, very little animals are helped, and in PETA’s case, your money actually funds the killing of animals.

When you look at how easily the robot video can be edited to pull at your heart strings, you can see how BlackFish manipulated viewers into thinking that SeaWorld needs to be shut down.

The result of this manipulation is that people are condemning one of the world’s best zoological organizations – an organization that is actively engaged in protecting and saving wildlife around the world. While a donation to PETA will help kill animals, a day at SeaWorld or your local accredited zoological facility has a global impact that benefits animals worldwide.

Next time you see a sad animal video, take a moment ask yourself if you are being manipulated.