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Today we want to share with you the story of Crescent, a great horned hornbill suffering from cancer who has been saved by the team of experts and veterinarians at the Tampa Zoo in the United States. The zoo’s workers were able to remove the tumor and replace the damaged areas with a 3D-printed prosthesis. This is the second successful operation of its kind.

With this story we strive to make visible the work that zoos carry out in favour of animal welfare, among many other areas that benefit the wildlife and nature overall. In Loro Parque there are also similar stories, where badly injured animals are rehabilitated by the professionals who form part of the institution. Such as, for example, the case of the turtle Federica. She arrived at Loro Parque from Italy in a very serious state of health, having been overrun by a boat and left half-paralyzed, and, thanks to the work of the Park’s keepers, she is now enjoying a new life in our facilities in a great state of health.

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