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Carollia perspicillata

Fruit bats are flying mammals, which mainly inhabit caves, crevices, and hollow trees. They play an important role in the ecosystem balance because they act as pollinators and control insect pests.

They spend 70% of their time resting. The remaining proportion is spent on hygiene, socialising and flying.

15 gr

Fruit, Polle and insects

Central and South America

115 days

Interesting facts about bats

They are the only mammals that are able to fly.

Some use sound and echolocation to guide themselves in their environment and catch prey.

Certain types of bats can reach a wingspan of up to 1.5 metres.

There are currently about 1100 species of bats.

They give birth upside down.

How we help the conservation of bats

Although they represent 20% of all mammal species in the planet, the real characteristics of bats are poorly understood. Linked to the image of vampires, they are perceived as dangerous.

Loro Parque’s work includes spreading information and raising awareness of animal species, debunking myths, and providing accurate scientific data.

Today, 20% of the world’s bats are under some degree of threat according to the IUCN.