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¡More than 4.000 parrots! At Loro Parque, the world’s most diverse reserve of parrot species and subspecies awaits you.

Intelligent, beautiful, and surprising, parrots are a fundamental part of the balance of ecosystems and natural habitats. They feed mainly on seeds, but also eat fruits, insects and even leaves.

Parrots are a typical species of tropical forests or rainforests. They have been found in Asia, Africa, Oceania and many archipelagos and islands.

This is just a brief overview of parrots. If you want to learn more about them and see how intelligent they are, come to our Parrot Show, it’s amazing!

Discover our species

Interesting facts about parrots

They use their feet to eat or perform some complex tasks. Like people, they are either right- or left-handed, with one dominant foot.

Although they are great sound imitators, they do not have vocal cords. They emit sounds from an organ known as the syrinx.

Parrots with colourful plumage are the most common, but there are also black parrots such as the Black Lorikeet (Chalcopsitta atra atra).

How we help to protect parrots and other birds

Beyond the care and study of the parrots that live in Loro Parque, the greatest positive impact on this species is made by Loro Parque Fundación. Since 1994, more than 20 million dollars have been allocated to projects for the conservation and protection of these animals in various parts of the planet.

These initiatives have saved 10 species of parrots from extinction and reintroduced specimens into the wild to restore the environmental balance.