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West African Chimpanzees

Pan troglodytes verus

These primates live in social structures formed by multiple males and females. They are very active and communicative with each other, with many vocalisations, sounds and gestures to interact.

They are highly intelligent and, like gorillas, use tools in their daily lives, usually to obtain food.

Although they usually walk on all fours, they can stand up and walk upright when needed. Their great agility and limb strength allows them to leap easily between branches and trees.

Up to 80 kg

Fruits and plants, insects


34 weeks

Interesting facts about chimpanzees

Chimpanzees often go through a mourning and farewell period when they lose a member of the group.

They can grasp with their hands and feet with absolute precision because of their opposable thumbs.

Chimpanzees are very playful, especially the young ones. They even tickle each other.

Two chimpanzees can communicate by “talking” about a third chimpanzee. This is due to their high level of self-awareness.

How we help to protect chimpanzees and other apes and primates

Chimpanzees are currently an endangered species. Modern zoos provide a safe environment, far from the threats of logging and extensive livestock farming.

By studying these great apes on a daily basis, we are able to acquire relevant information about their behaviour, needs and intelligence.

In addition, Loro Parque Fundación has supported several primate conservation projects:
•Orangutan rescue and rehabilitation project in Sintang, Indonesia.
•Conservation project of the Southern Yellow-cheeked Gibbon, Vietnam.