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Bengal Tigers

Panthera tigris tigris

These big cats are native to Asia, and live in savannahs, tropical and subtropical forests. They are characterised by their strength and solitary life.

Only females live together with their young, males usually live on their own. The young leave their mothers at around 3 years of age.

Their diet is exclusively carnivorous and can eat everything from large birds and monkeys to herbivores such as antelopes, deer, and buffalo.

Up to 230 kg



108 days

Tigers that live under the care of Loro Parque





Interesting facts about tigers

At birth they usually weigh about 1kg.

Tiger stripes are unique to each individual tiger.

Survival in the wild is very difficult. Half of all cubs do not make it to two years of age.

How we help to protect tigers and other big cats

The conservation situation of tigers is very fragile due to the aggressive ravaging of their wild habitats. It is currently considered an endangered animal. Loro Parque promotes in its facilities and through its informative channels content to raise awareness about the delicate state of conservation of tigers.

Loro Parque Fundación has financially supported the KAZA project, which promotes the conservation of the African lion in the Kavango Zambezi transboundary conservation area.