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Ring-tailed lemur

Lemur catta

Native to Madagascar, this type of lemur stays active during the day. Surprisingly, it spends a third of its time on the ground.

It is a very social animal that lives in communities of up to 30 individuals. Its size from head to tail is approximately one metre.

Its common name comes from its tail, which shows a pattern of black and white stripes.

2,2 Kg



135 days

Interesting facts about lemurs

They mark their territory by spreading their scent through scent glands.

A layer behind their retina allows them to easily see in the dark.

They form matrilineal societies, where females hold great social dominance.

How we help the conservation of lemurs and other primates

In the wild, lemurs are classified by the IUCN as an endangered species. Therefore, their conservation and breeding in modern zoos, such as Loro Parque, has become essential.

In these safe environments, reproduction is easier, and the species preservation can be safeguarded.

Among our goals as an animal embassy, we include raising awareness of the importance of acting against the impact of humans on nature and the effects of overpopulation.