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Suricata suricatta

These small, curious mongooses usually live in groups of up to 40 individuals. During the day they forage for food, digging in the ground and exploring grasses and the underside of rocks.

They create large underground networks with multiple entrances where they shelter and rest during the night. Their diet allows them to survive in deserts with extreme temperatures.

Up to 750 gr

Carnivore – Insectivore


70-77 days

Interesting facts about meerkats

They are immune to some poisons such as scorpions.

Meerkats tend to live in arid areas. The water they need is often obtained from the insects they feed on.

Each member of the mob has a specific function. Those that remain upright on two legs are in charge of guarding the mob.

How we help the conservation of meerkats and other species

At Loro Parque we promote education and awareness of the characteristics and needs of the species that live under our care, including meerkats.

We hope that this awareness of the species together with the spreading of information about the critical state of the environmental balance will help every visitor to do their bit.