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Cygnus atratus

Black swans are found in the lakes and seashores of Oceania. They often choose shallow water areas so that they can dip their heads and easily find food.

They feature a long neck and black plumage which contrast with their bright red beak.

They are highly territorial animals and remain in solitary pairs once they have mated.

Up to 8,7 Kg



35 – 45 days

Interesting facts about black swans

They tend to be monogamous and have only one mate in their lifetime.

They usually nest during rainy season.

They reuse their nests over the years. They repair them if necessary.

Both members of the pair alternate the egg incubation.

How we help the conservation of swans and other birds

Loro Parque has donated more than 24 million dollars to conservation and recovery projects for threatened and endangered animals. We play an active role in the protection of birds, especially parrots, given their high impact on the ecosystems they inhabit.
In addition, as ambassadors for the animal kingdom, we raise awareness of the fragile environmental conditions of the planet and the species inhabiting it.