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Marmosets and tamarins

Familia Callitrichidae

These small primates feed mainly on fruit, but also eat eggs, insects, and small vertebrates. Like other larger primates such as chimpanzees, they live in diverse social groups.

Marmosets and tamarins living under the care of Loro Parque

White-faced marmosets

Golden-handed tamarins

Emperor tamarins

Golden lion tamarins

Up to 800 gr

Vegetables and fruits

South America

120 to 160 días

Interesting facts about marmosets and tamarins

Many species of marmosets and tamarins exhibit dichromatic vision, so they do not distinguish green from red.

The species of marmosets and tamarins living at Loro Parque usually give birth to twins once or twice a year.

They are the smallest primates on the planet.

How we help the conservation of marmosets and tamarins

Through Loro Parque Fundación, we actively support the conservation of parrots in Central and South America, crucial animals for maintaining biodiversity in wild habitats of marmosets, tamarins, and other primates.

Additionally, we work to raise awareness among the visitors to Loro Parque of the importance of animal species.