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From Loro Parque, we would like to congratulate our Discovery Tour team, the staff and guides of the #1 zoo in Europe and #2 in the whole world on celebrating their 15th Anniversary.  Since 2001, when this new and thrilling way of getting to know Loro Parque better was implemented, more than 900,000 visitors have enjoyed their incredible and interesting tours. The Discovery Tour was written, and has been managed ever since, by Sandy K. Bate who joined Loro Parque in 2001, bringing with her a wealth of tour-operating experience.

The amazing routes in this entertaining and educational Discovery Tour, which lasts for 1¾ hours, give a unique experience to our visitors, both adults and children alike, allowing them to get to know Loro Parque and the animals in more depth. Interesting facts about the history and species of our animals are just some of the things they learn in our tours, as well as the operation and maintenance of a park always investing in innovation. Details as which of the animals have their teeth brushed daily, which love classical music and which of our male animals can be transformed into a female, are just some of the fascinating facts offered! Participants also enjoy the privilege of seeing places ‘behind the scenes’ where no one else is allowed to go. The Discovery Tour is offered daily in six languages: Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French and Russian.

The Discovery Tour also highlights the love and dedication to animals worldwide by Mr. Kiessling and his love of research, education and conservation projects, also ensuring the welfare and happiness of all the animals in the Parque.

One very significant day for the Discovery Tour was on the 19th August, 2014 when a total of 738 people participated in the tour in just this one day! This is an ideal opportunity to also remember the 113,000 visitors who enjoyed the tour in 2015 compared to just 15,000 in its first year.

In addition, the Discovery Tour is constantly reinventing itself with the aim of offering new and exciting ways to discover Loro Parque, proposing different packages such as the Premium Tour or Diamond Tour, which apart from ensuring the best itinerary, also offers VIP reserved seats in our educational shows and a delicious lunch at Loro Parque in the ‘Patio del Loro’ Grill or ‘Brunelli’s Steakhouse’, the restaurant with the best meat and views of the Canary Islands.

Once again, many congratulations to Sandy and the Discovery Tour team. We thank them for their dedication and loyalty and wish them all the very best in the coming years.

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