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Our love for the animals and the concern for their future and well-being require that we are very cautious about giving out opinions. Even so, with respect to the press release issued by SeaWorld on 17th March 2016, Loro Parque declares the following:

  • Since the orcas are not the property of Loro Parque, we have to respect the decision made by SeaWorld.
  • Presently, both the Spanish Administration and European Community Administration require that a zoological park presents a breeding plan as one of the mandatory components for the introduction of any species into a zoological park, considering reproduction as an inherent right of all the animals. Therefore, it is one of the principal functions and obligations of the zoological park to ensure that the right to reproduction is respected and well-being is properly ensured.
  • Taking that into consideration, we understand that permanent prevention of the reproduction of wild animals under human care is an action that goes against the very cycle of life and well-being of the animals.
  • At the same time, we would like to emphasize that the objective of our presentation of the animals has, for a long time, been profoundly educative, and from now on, we will be incorporating the changes following the guidelines that SeaWorld will be establishing in the United States.
  • Loro Parque will never adopt any decision that would contradict the principles of well-being or jeopardize the conditions in which the group of orcas finds themselves in its facilities. Any decision will always be implemented in full compliance with the European Community legislation and with the knowledge and concurrence from the competent authorities.

We will continue with our commitment to education, research and conservation, as it is the obligation of a modern zoo.