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„Fly Morgan the Orca to EU Parliament” is the headline of the campaign of Free Morgan Foundation (FMF). The untrustworthy organization explains: “Finally, after more than three years of the FMF raising awareness, the European Union Parliament will discuss issues involving Morgan.” This is not correct.

“Alerted only days ago, scientist Dr Ingrid N. Visser, and lawyer Matthew Spiegl, will have the chance to speak to the Parliament about the issues with Morgan’s permit and the violations that have been committed against her.” This is simply a lie.

The radical activists will not speak to the parliament. Both will have the chance to talk to the Petitions Commission of the European Parliament and if they are lucky 10-20 of the more than 750 MEPS will attend the meeting. This is a secondary commission formed by a small group of MEPs were any petition from any citizen of the EU can be heard, no matter how strange or weird the petition is they consider it and pass the question to the relevant body in the EU.

During the next days we will refute Free Morgan Foundation’s claims in detail in order to show you, that Ingrid Visser and her collaborators have not a single argument – they just stick to a misinterpretation of basic regulations of CITES and the EU. Eight courts and a lot of experts already explained, that they are wrong.

So, stay alert, if you are interested in the refutation in English, German and Spanish. We would like to know your opinion: Is Free Morgan Foundation betraying their followers, when they say, they would “speak to the Parliament”? Please, leave your opinion in the comment section below.