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The organization

The Loro Parque Fundación (LPF) is a private foundation, created in 1994 and legally registered in Spain as a charitable-status entity. It is a conservation NGO, and member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – IUCN. Its HQ is located at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Although it has no national or regional branches, it operates at international level and is represented in many countries through its project partnerships with organisations in those countries.

Its recent average annual spend directly on projects, of which there are 36 active in 2016, is US$1 million. It is the owner of, and manages the world’s largest, most diverse collection of Psittaciformes. The collection is a genetic reserve and resource for research and exhibition for education, as well as generating part of the income of the LPF. The private company Loro Parque is its principal sponsor, covering all operating costs so that 100% of all other donations go directly to the projects.

The larger proportion of projects is for the conservation of threatened species of parrots, each project including to a lesser or greater extent the direct protection of the target species, the protection and restoration of habitat, and the cooperation with and integration of the local community into the conservation effort. The LPF has increasing involvement in projects related to the conservation of the marine environment, in particular with whales and dolphins. More recently, the LPF is involved in the conservation of large terrestrial mammals in central southern Africa.

The LPF has a Board of Trustees (President, Secretary and Vocals) which has ultimate responsibility for its governance. An international advisory board meets annually with the trustees and principal staff to review progress and make recommendations about project support. There are also honorary vice-presidents.

Major duties and responsibilities of the Director

The Director is responsible for the institutional development of the organisation, and the promotion of a clear identity and profile of the LPF, with the objectives to highlight its scientific and conservation strengths, and to obtain external support for its activities. Duties include managing the LPF project portfolio, with particular emphasis on the terrestrial projects, and to provide suitable content for external communication of projects and activities. The Director will represent the LPF in the wider conservation arena, and is expected to maintain productive relations with other entities involved in conservation. The Director reports directly to the LPF President.


Applicants will have a higher degree in a relevant subject, and will already have several years of experience in conservation management, including experience in the field as well as in an administrative capacity. Experience of project management from proposal to outcome will be essential, in particular the ability to discern valid goals and appropriate costs, and evaluate budgets correspondingly. Existing knowledge of bird conservation, especially of parrots, is important. Applicants will need a clear understanding of the positive interface between ex situ and in situ conservation. Good communication and interpersonal skills are indispensable especially to acquire resources for the LPF, and therefore applicants will demonstrate a track-record in fund-raising. Leadership skills, the ability to plan and prioritize, as well as to work independently and meet deadlines, will be necessary. The Director will need to communicate in Spanish and English, and German will also be advantageous.

Salary and starting date

The remuneration package will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The expected commencement date will be 1st September 2016

A CV and covering letter (addressed to:

The President,
Loro Parque Fundación,
Av. Loro Parque s/n,
38400 Puerto de la Cruz,

should be emailed to: [email protected] by 23:00h UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)+ 1, Monday 6th of June, 2016.

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